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About Shin Yuan Park Hotel & Shin Yuan Celeb Metro Hotel
We reside within the vibrant and bustling central city of Hsinchu. The hotel is conveniently located next to Hsinchu Moat and Riverside Park. With the Hsinchu Railway Station and Bus Station, SOGO Department Store, J.Piin Shopping Mall and the Hsinchu Science Park just within our vicinity, you are guaranteed to experience a rich fusion of the Arts and the Science.

Take a stroll down the Riverside right next to our hotel. This pedestrian-friendly area boasts lush greenery, fresh air, water and a green living space. Enter a fairytale world when you walk down the stretch of beautifully painted wall murals near the station! Rental point for YouBike provides an alternative way of experiencing the romantic atmosphere of the city at your own pace.
In the day, soak in the warm sunlight and let the gentle winds caress your cheeks while relaxing under the shade of a tree. Hope along the stepping stones in the river or just take in the calming nature around you on the stone bridge. When night falls, the viewing platform on the 12th story of the J.Piin building will give you a bird’s eye view of the city lights. Experience the magical city of Hsinchu and let the street artistes and performers enchant you with their sweet melodies.


【The Shin Yuan Hotel boasts a modern design with its continual innovations】
The combination of the classy elegant Celeb Metro Hotel (B building), the business centric Park Hotel (A building), the excellent service and comfortable living space, mixed with a perfect balance between basic needs, convenience, shopping and entertainment, Shin Yuan is indeed the ideal choice for business and leisure trips With the Riverside wrapped within our B building and A building, it is akin to a blessed couple in an embrace. Our greatest wish is to invite you to come down to experience its happiness, beauty and magic of Shin Yuan Hotel first-hand.